Description of technology


For all of the spray systems have Property Declarations for a period of 25years Utility , the sign of CE and Certificates NIH . Our offer includes three spray systems for thermal insulation works: Systems have a declaration specifying the system manufacturer durability parameters into account the effect of aging (25years), including:

  • reaction to fire
  • The durability of the thermal resistance for 25years (ie lambda thermal resistance of the wall with foam)
  • The durability of compressive strength for a period of 25years


The lightweight, low density of about 12 kg / m³:
thermo-acoustic insulation with a ratio of 0.5 effectively insulating the building and individual rooms of harmful and disruptive external sounds. It can be used in the modernization of the building in a way that does not require the application of significant changes in the legal documentation of the building. The greenest product on the market. Permanent system without thermal bridges and acoustic. The rate of application that requires storage of materials dealing with large storage space. Declared thermal conductivity is 0,035-0,040 W / (m · K). Acoustic factor EN 20354: 1993 0.5.

System with an average density of about 35 kg / m³:
spray system is designed to insulate walls and roofing from the inside. Application: insulation of walls and roofs from the inside, storage of fruits and vegetables; barns, chicken coops - stable. It is characterized by high performance insulation: thermal conductivity is 0,020-0,023 W / (m · K). More than 3 cm thick waterproofing coating excellent, 90% closed-cell - thermal and waterproofing takes place during one of the application process. Foam of this system is classified as self-extinguishing (PN-88 / C-89297), and Class E by PNEN 13501-1-2007 (Class B-2 according to standard DIN 4102).

The high density of about 60 kg / m³:
is intended to spray a heavy roof. The system has high strength parameters. Application: thermal and waterproofing roofs from the outside. The foam is classified as self-extinguishing (PN-88 / C-89297), and Class E DIN EN 13501-1-2007 (Class B-2 according to standard DIN 4102).
For all of the spray systems have properties Utility Statements for the period of 25years, CE and Certifications NIH.

Advantages of polyurethane:
Environmentally friendly, allowing NIH certified for use in food

  • The best known insulating materials
  • homogeneous layer, without seams and joints with technology
  • monolithic structure does not cause micro dusting as in the case of wool (anti-allergenic)
  • The elimination of thermal bridges
  • The elimination of condensation on surfaces by spraying indoors (and thus does not require membrane) Rated phenomenon because it does not dry the air inside the room especially important for people with allergies
  • The thermal and waterproofing in one application process, obtained by the closed cell structure
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates (does not slip, it is felting)
  • resistant to high and low temperatures (-50 ° C to 110 ° C),
  • self-fading flame retardant
  • durable and unscented
  • applied to the wood does not rot and decay
  • resistant to fungi, bacteria
  • it is not possible nesting animals as in the case of mineral wool ie. Mice, rats, weasels, kun
  • added strength and soundproofing timbered
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