Purex foams


Below is a list of types of PUREX foams with a description, depending on the application

Closed-cell foam PUREX NG-0428HG a density 42kg / m3 NG0428HG - The system is designed to insulate buildings, industrial buildings, sheds, pig etc. from the inside. Also used to insulate the concrete base to single-family homes. In the case of inside and no need for protective coatings. Is also approved for exterior applications, eg. Under the siding on the foundations etc. Can also be used for the isolation of tank of paraffin etc.


 Closed-cell foam PUREX NG-0440 a density 60kg/m3 A - system for the insulation of roofs outside. Course is approved and certified by the NIH. Also used to insulate the concrete base in areas with a higher load, eg. Garages, warehouses, etc. For outdoor use is necessary to apply a protective coating in the form of protective coatings. Of course, it is possible to apply NG0440 the inside if there is such justification.


 Open-cell foam PUREX NG-0810NF a density of 12-13 kg / m3 NG0810NF - light system designed for internal insulation. Greenest product rynku.Trwały lack of a system for providing thermal and acoustic bridges. Due to its construction can not be exposed to dampness or load. Used to insulate attics, walls, ceilings, basements, garages etc.


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